The Perfect Silver Watches Can Tell You More Than Just The Time

Are you looking for something that exudes elegance and never runs out of style?
Silver watches are an accessory that women and men have used for a long time to accessorize as well as knowing the time.

Why are silver watches so popular?


Silver watches give off a clean cut, elegant, and timeless class. They are always in style. A watch is also a personal accessory for daily use and the silver color makes it easy to match them with anything. A watch is not just something you wear. It is an extension of its user. Even though there has been theories that watches will stop being used because the advance of technology is rendering them obsolete, they have become more precious within a jewelry context. People have learned to appreciate the beauty in a silver minimalistic watch as one would in a silver bracelet.


Over time the silver watch has become a friend to men and women alike. Originally wrist watches were made for women because they could be damaged easily by the activities the men did. This is why men wore pocket watches in the past. For men this has changed because it has become the most common jewelry piece or accessory as they usually have less options. For women the wristwatch is still just as important because of the elegance and usefulness of silver watches. It is common for women’s clothes not to have pockets. This includes most dresses, skirts, tights and most skinny jeans. This means women keep their phone in their purse or in their personal clutch and time is so much more accessible in these cases when you can just look at your wrist.


Who wears silver watches?


Some of the most famous celebrities on earth are known to own limited edition classic silver watches that are beautiful but extremely costly. Kate Middleton, Kylie Jenner, Kerry Washington, Allesandra Ambrosio, Michelle Obama, and many other prominent women choose silver watches as their go to accessories because they are a beautiful way to conveniently show off as well as the time. Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Brad Pitt are only some of the most heard of men in this world that also fancy silver watches over other choices. All around the world most watches are made silver because they are the most used, especially by those of high stature.


Why silver is the perfect material?


Bacteria cannot grow on silver, keeping the watch clean and the one who wears it healthy! Silver has positively charged ions that create a conductive field that reflect electromagnetic radiation keeping it from your body. This stimulates natural conductivity, improves blood circulation, balances body temperature and provides general wellbeing. With that in mind one of the most important benefits of silver is that it protects people from the electromagnetic radiation that they are exposed to daily through most technological devices.


How to choose your silver watch?


Silver watches come in all shapes and sizes starting with the big attention catching ones with a lot of dials, there is more delicate feminine ones with many decorations, and there are simple minimalistic ones that have their beauty in their clean cut look. You can find watches with embedded stones and diamonds: there are silver watches that have different metals in them as well and some can even come with leather straps. How would you choose the one best suited for you? Look into your wardrobe and other accessories and analize what type of things you like to wear.


It is recommendable that when you decide to buy a watch you try it on first to get the right fit and a comfortable piece. You also want to see if you like the way it looks on you and with the type of things you usually wear. There are many aspects to keep in mind when buying a watch and the price is something not easily forgotten either. You should know your price range before setting out to find the perfect one for you.


Find the silver watch that suits your personality and define what you wear, instead of letting what you wear define you.


These are some watches from which you can choose from if you are looking for a simple elegant look and utility.


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